Philippines: National

fit for school in the philippines: overview

GIZ, as an active member of the WinS Core Technical Working Group (TWG) led by the Department of Education (DepEd), works closely with the Bureau of Learner Support Services (BLSS) in developing crucial policies and support systems for the national implementation of the WinS.

In line with the principles of alignment and integration, the programme contributed to the development of the National WinS policy of the Department of Education, under which the EHCP has been integrated. BLSS, through the TWG, established the DepEd’s Three Star Approach (adaptation of the international Three Star Approach) as the management system to guide and attain quality implementation of WinS in the country.

The Three Star Approach (TSA) is an integrated system of monitoring, continuous improvement, and recognition of WinS. The TSA comes with a WinS Online Monitoring System (OMS) which enables each school to determine their level of WinS practice and areas of improvement to attain incremental improvements towards national standards. More importantly, the WinS OMS enables analysis if WinS information at different levels of governance that influences policies, budget, programs and performance recognition.

GIZ provides technical assistance to DepEd to capacitate sub-national offices to implement the national WinS policy. The TWG produces capacity development materials to provide guidance at division and school level. In addition, GIZ supports DepEd to analyze the submitted data at regional and national level.

In the third phase of the program, the scope of GIZ’s technical assistance to DepEd was expanded to develop a model specifically for secondary schools. In particular, emphasis will be placed on challenges of secondary schools in terms of size and student population as well as on menstrual hygiene management and the needs of girls.